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For over one decade, we have been providing you with the best healthcare services required in an academic set up. The expertise of HealthChamps lies in our understanding of the modern-day realities that are affecting students at school and at home, especially those in the emotionally vulnerable age of adolescence. Starting with preventive healthcare tools and facilities, to using homeopathy as a long-term solution, to applying knowledge of Ayurvedic and Allopathic medicines consciously, till addressing matters of the mind and heart with care, is what we do best for children.

Our Services




Program management software
and mobile phone app

On-ground facilities

Medical room, nurse and
tele-consulting with doctors

Health screenings

General physical, eye,
ENT and dental


To meet hospital expenses
in emergencies

Visiting experts

Workshops with counsellors
and nutritionists


On student health and
academic progress

Parents’ Support

For more informed and less
stressed parenting

School Health Report

Graphical analysis of improvements
in the school environment.

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