Our Work

Established in 2009, HealthChamps organisation has been working to become the pillar of support for schools and parents. We are one of the first school healthcare programs started in India that has a strong focus on all-round development of students, and partners with schools and parents in their proactive, conscious upbringing. HealthChamps combines the best of healthcare resources and the latest technology.

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – these are the four dimensions of a person’s being. Inspired and guided by the principles of integral education, we have designed the components of the HealthChamps program to nurture all these four dimensions of a growing child. That too, during school hours through in-campus initiatives, as well as beyond the academic boundaries by connecting and engaging with parents, and providing them the guidance and support of doctors and well-being experts.

Besides our partner base of schools, we have been working with Sri Aurobindo Society to orient, motivate and train over 20,000 government school teachers on supporting students with mental health issues. We also hold expertise in designing and developing Education Intelligence Systems for the State Governments of Puducherry, Sikkim and UP.

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