Meet the Schools That Shine!

Event Date: All Days ,
Age Group: All Ages,
Timings: 1.00 PM-2.00 PM

Inspiring web-talk series by School Leaders

HealthChamps  Preventive Healthcare for Students, is inviting select School Heads to speak at its exclusive webinar “Schools That Shine”.     

As one of India’s first school health programs, HealthChamps has been working to help its partner schools ensure a healthy, caring and safe environment for students for the last 10 years. So, when the biggest crisis to student health has struck the entire world this year, we feel it is extremely important to showcase Schools like yourself that have not only continued teaching and learning, but are also supporting the parents in many ways in these difficult times. 

626,523 Teachers on FaceBook are looking up to you for inspiration. Through our partnership with Sri Aurobindo Society – ZIIEI Program, we are organising an exclusive webinar for an audience of over 6 Lakh teachers on social media platforms, and requesting select Principals/School Heads to join us as the Keynote Speaker of this special online event. Here are the details: 

  • Webinar Topic: Best Practices in Schools that Shine  
    • Heads of Education Institutions share their best ideas on education and/or student health.
    • A speaker may choose to speak on any the following topics:
      •  Best Practices for Promoting Health in Schools
      • Emotional & Mental Health of Students as a Concern
      • Making Inclusive Education a Reality
      • Schools as the Key to Improving Student & Parent Health Behaviour
      • Skills-based health education and life skills
      • Reopening Schools with Stronger, Healthier and Happier Learning Environment
      • Education post COVID-19: Challenges and opportunities
      • Helping Teachers, Students and Parents Manage Stress 

If you know a ‘School That Shines’ despite the lockdown difficulties, or would like to nominate yourself, write to Ms. Pushpa at You can also nominate someone else from your institution in case you are unable to speak for any reason. For any queries, please feel free to call +91 78279 11953. 

To know about our other School Health Program services, visit Follow us on FaceBook .

Do make use of our #Lockdown and #BackToSchool resources too…

  • GEAR UP TEACHERS for the new classroom reality. How communication will change with faces covered with masks? How to inculcate new hygiene habits in children? How teachers should ensure their own safety? And all the other important answers that teachers need. Sign up your teachers and class coordinators for the webinar on Teacher Readiness for #BackToSchool, on 01 Dec 2020.
  • RAISE AWARENESS OF PARENTS. What are their responsibilities? What are their concerns? How to create proper, informed communication between the school and parents? 
    • Here’s a 2-min survey for parents to know the DOs and DON’Ts and check their own level of readiness for sending kids #BackToSchool. 

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Meet the Schools That Shine!

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