Our Services

HealthChamps considers a school as its partner, rather than a client, in ensuring health for children so that in the long term these students can grow up to be strong and happy individuals ready for real world challenges.

On the one hand, HealthChamps enables the school to provide more caring and informed healthcare during school hours, on the other hand, we empowers the parents to adopt a more easy and effective parenting approach. Both aspects are a combination of people and technology.

Our Services

24x7 Relationship

  • Efficient team of relationship managers.
  • Work with you to identify your needs.
  • Mobilize and deliver the right people, solutions, resources, and ideas.

Health screenings General physical, eye, ENT and dental

  • General physical, ENT, eye and dental check up
  • Paperless documentation.
  • Records available to school and parents anytime, anywhere.

Insurance To meet hospital expenses in emergencies

  • Insurance policy to meet hospital expenses in case of emergencies.

360-degree Program management software and mobile phone app

  • Online platform to manage school healthcare.
  • Web and mobile app.
  • Customised modules to cater to the school’s requirements
  • School dashboard to manage students’ information, student health report cards, health events management, parent-teacher communication.
  • Our strong team of technological experts

On-ground facilities Medical room, nurse and tele-consulting with doctors

  • Medical room, complete with equipment and furnishings.
  • Trained nurse to address, intervene and follow-up the physical, mental and emotional needs of the students.
  • Nurses monitor and record each child’s health growth and document each child’s visit to the medical room in the health management system.

Parents’ Support For more informed and less stressed parenting

  • Guidance to parents for more informed and less stressed parenting.
  • Daily view of the child’s health.
  • Vaccination tracking and guidance.
  • Doctor, nutritionist, psychologist and life-coaches on call for consultation on subscription basis.

Teacher-Upskilling On student health and academic progress

  • Health Education workshops for teachers.
  • Improved school’s health promoting factors.
  • Increased awareness of student health and its correlation to academic progress.
  • First aid training

Visiting experts Workshops with counsellors and nutritionists

  • Psychologists for one-on-one mental health counselling
  • Nutritionists counselling
  • Well-being experts for workshops and seminars for teachers and parents.

School Health Report Graphical analysis of improvements in the school environment.

  • Detailed annual report.
  • Real time, transparent view of Healthcare services delivered, activities conducted for teachers, parents and students.
  • Improvements in the students’ well-being factors in the school environment.

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