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A simple chat for 30 minutes could bring immense clarity and positivity in your family.
Age 2 to 4 Years
9.00 AM-11.00 PM

HealthChamps is run by a team of parents and we also happen to be healthcare, technology and communication experts. Through our various collaborations we have worked directly with students and parents across India, and understand that as a parent, we have a real need for a one-stop-shop solution to take care of our children’s physical, mental and emotional health needs.

While the school helps in tracking health through screenings and first aid, wouldn’t it be great if we could find healthcare providers who are more caring and proactive in nurturing our child, mentally, emotionally and physically? At school and at home?

Dear fellow parents, we are pleased to offer you Parenting+ App, an extension of the HealthChamps program for schools, where we provide you regular guidance and support for all-round development of your children, along with doctors and well-being experts who understands your child and are available at all times as the go-to person for small and big ailments.

Parenting+ by HealthChamps has experts and useful technology features to support each parent with timely and appropriate solutions.